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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Children's toys around the world. My most prized posssession. Oral presentation prompt

  • students look at the pictures taken by Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti.
  • students find the similarities and differences among the pictures.
  • students are ready to bring a picture of themselves with a most prized possession, which can be a toy or anything else/ They might wish to bring their most  prized object to class, instead of the picture. 
Level: any but students need to know how to use simple verbs in the past simple 

You can download  the presentation by clicking HERE 

  • Power point with pictures, questions prompts  and possible answers (correction key)
These are some of the pictures you can see in the Power Point. You can download  the presentation by clicking HERE 

Possible extension: geography. The power point indicates the place of origin of each child.  Find the places on a map.

Source of the pictures/original  text :HERE
Please visit Diana Turner scoop it  to find texts for ESL teachers. I got this idea when browsing her selection of texts: HERE

Friday, July 12, 2013

Listening Tasks: BBC Express English/ Spice up your classes with a short video clip

 BBC offers the possibility of listening to a series of short texts on a wide range of topics.
The texts are about one minute long, that's the reason for the series name,  and the script is included. 

I think this can be a good starting point (prompt, warm-up)  for some of your classes as many of the topics are part of the curriculum. Some examples are:  trips, colours, relationships, food choices, shopping, phobias, honesty, new year resolutions... you name it.

The videos can be downloaded from the Express English site or be watched on line.

To access the Express English site click HERE

I have embedded some of the videos below with the link to the page where the script is, but please, browse around. There are  more than 30 choices for you at the Express series site. 

See these examples:Jealousy, Freedom and Fashion. 

 JEALOUSY: Download the scrip from the site HERE


When do you feel free? Download the script HERE

What's in fashion at the moment. Download the script   HERE 

Elllo Listening Site. Listen, read the script (if needed) and take the quiz

Elllo stands for English Lesson Listening Library. It  is a short video site or slide share site  where students can listen to  and view short videos/presentations. There is a script for the texts you hear and the recordings are pretty clear. When you finish listening you can just do the listening quiz.

LEVEL:  Lower intermediate or upper 

Warning:  It might be difficult to find the audios  you like as the web is a bit chaotic and you seem to need either the number of the video or the name of the  series to which it belongs. 

This is the link to the site: HERE

See the links to the videos I have chosen  for you below but feel free to browse around!

These are some of the examples you may like:

a. Trip to Cambodia:  Julia tells us about a memorable trip in Cambodia to raise money for a charity. .It includes the audio and a slide presentation of her trip as well as the script, vocabulary and quiz. There are 4 presentation on the same subject.

Click HERE

b. Take a peek at the section  "Talking Points"
My suggestion:
These are the Talking points I liked: 

b.1. American cities  HERE
b.2. Best movies ever HERE
b.3. Different jobs the speaker (Todd)  has had HERE

To access the Talking Point series, click HERE

Thanks to my colleagues at the Training British Council Course 2013 for recommending this site.