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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Do you want to go over the vocabulary to revise for a test or just for fun?
Blockbuster is a good way of doing it

Click  HERE  to view or donwload a PowerPoint with instructions and two possible boards to play Blockbusters in class with your students.
Just project the Blockbuster Board on your White Board and play!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Past Tense: Don't Judge Too Quickly: Potential Cat Killer

General Description of Activity:

Students are confronted with a picture in which a man is seen with a knife on one hand, a cat on the other and a red stain on the floor. The students  need to decide what happened. After watching a 30 second  video  they may realize they judged too quickly

Level:  Students need to be able to explain the story in the past. This can be done using simple past or compound tenses, depending on the level of students
The students well need these words:

  • Verbs: enter, open/ carry, look at, cook, add spices/salt, chop food, set table, lean on pot/drop sauce, jump, pick up cat,  look guilty, hold, be scared/alarmed
  • Other nouns: cat, key, kitchen counter, flower vase, knife
1. Instruction sheet
2. Related picture
3. Related short silent video (30s)
4. Overhead projector
To download the materials: Instruction sheet + Video  click HERE

To see the video in YouTube click HERE

You can also see the video on line underneath.

1. Show the picture of the potential killer:
    Ask the questions:
How did this happen? Why did the man do this?   
(Make sure you don’t mislead the students by using the word “kill” in your sentence)
2. Make teams. Students have 10 minutes to explain the situation
3. Students compare their answers
4. Students watch the video and decide whose explanation was closer to the one seen in the video 
To download the VIDEO: click HERE
To see the video in YouTube click HERE