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Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's the question?

Level: Any Level
Purpose: review question forms previously studied in class

Option A for smaller classes ( up to 20 students)
Option B for larger classes

REMEMBER: its is important to simulate the game once before the real competition starts.

Option A)
Form two teams (three will also work, but two seems to add just the right amount of competitive tension).

1. Have two players--one from each team--come to the front. Style it like a game show if you like, with the students standing side-by-side. If you have access to bells or buzzers, it's even more fun.

2.Next, read an answer to a question and say, 'What's the question?' The fastest player to respond wins a point for her/his team. New contestants come to the front for a new round.

Option B)
If your class is too big for option A, make groups.
Ensure you have at least 4 teams of between 5 and 6 students.

1. Each group creates a list of possible answers. The teacher (of a student ) gives answers of group 1 to group 2, group 2 to group 3…clockwise

This way every group has a set of answers that was created by another group.

2. Nominate: 1 person in each group as the moderator

The moderator acts as the teacher: he/she reads the answer and the other 5 say/ write the possible questions

3. Set a time. When the teacher sees some groups have finshed, each group passes the set of answers to the next group, clockwise. Nominate a different student as moderator. Repeat as long as students are working

Source :
Submitted by: Tim
Adapted by Maria Zabala

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