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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Looks: Can you find what is different?

Level: Easy

Ideal for revising and accessory and clothing vocabulary (ring, necklace)
Option A) for small classes. Ask a volunteer to go out of the classroom. While the student is out of the room, the other students change their sweaters, shoes, coats and so on. Bring the student who went out of the classroom back inside. He/she has to guess the differences in other students' appearances (speaking in English, of course.)

Option B) for larger classes. To make this easier to manage, ensure you have teams of 5 or 6 students. Groups have 1 minute to look at everybody in their team. One person in every team leaves and the other remaining students have to make 3 changes.
Let students decide if they change back to their original clothes after each round.

Repeat the exercise until students are tired (about 3 times)

Submitted by: Raquel Fiol
Adapted by Maria Zabala

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