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Friday, March 27, 2015

Snakes and Ladders to review class grammar, vocabulary.. you name it!

Aim: groups of students create a Snakes and Ladders board game for other groups. 
Level: any level but students need to use either basic commands: say, name... or basic questions. 
Higher level groups will create more challenging questions.
Materials: Snakes and Ladders template, which can be downloaded from the Net 
Timing: 3 hours but they need not be consecutive. You may carry out this task one hour a week in 3 consecutive  weeks. 


This was my third option (Google) 
Step 1: Model the task

Option 1: Many text books contain a resource pack with a Snakes and Ladder game review. If your pack contains it, you may use it
Option 2:  Create your own Snake and Ladder game.

You will need a Snake and Ladders template.

  • go to any search engine: google, yahoo, altavista...
  • type the words: "  freeS nakes and Ladders template"
  • go to" images"
  • use any of the Snakes and Ladders templates  available.  
Print the template and write about 20 questions . You need to leave some frames blank. 

You may choose grammar/vocabulary  as your topics:
1. What are the comparatives and superlatives of : "east, confortable, clever and good-looking" ?
2. What are the past tenses of " be, see, dig, feel and fall"?
3. Name 10 parts of your body in 20 seconds
4. What are the synonyms of  "large, trendy, robber"?

You may  choose cultural topics:
1.What's the capital of Vietnam? 
2. What  are the colors of the Frenh flag?
3. Who is the Prime Minister of England?
4. When did Christopher Columbus reach America? 

or a mixture of both 

Step 2 : Students play the game (about one hour)

Avoid the hassle of bringing dice and counters by asking the students to  use  paper  snippets  on which they write their initials as counters 

Use paper snippets to create the die with 6 small pieces of paper on which they write the numbers 1 to 6. One student hold the 6 numbered pieces of paper  in his hands and the student takes one. 

Step 3: Groups of students create their own game (about one hour)
  • Give students a blank template
  • Ask them to create a different set of questions  and an answer key. They may write the answers on the back of the game. 
  • Students hand in their version of the game. Make sure they write the name of their team on the paper 
Step 4:  Students play other team's games  (about one hour)
  •  Distribute the games making sure no team gets his own proposal
  • Students  play 

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