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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Phonemic Chart with Examples.

Listen to Adrian Underhill's talk (1hour) on how to teach pronunciation and use his chart (posted below) to teach your students how to recognize phonemic symbols and improve their pronunciation.

If you have Flashplayer and sound you can use:

  •  the MacMillan interactive chart with sounds and examples of words  HERE  
  • the  Onestop English,with sound and model words HERE
  • the video  by the English Language Club I have embedded below. 
If sound or flash-player are not available, you can  project this chart:

If you need help to transcribe a word, I suggest you use this tool HERE 

English Language Club video

Thanks to Julian Jahanpour, speaker at the Barcelona 2012 British Council Workshops for providing me with these materials. 

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