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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Autonomous learning.What does your presentation sound like?

The Autonomous learning label contains tasks that students can carry out on their own.

 Use a text to speech page to ensure the correct pronunciation of your speech.

Imtranslator: write your text and listen to it!
  • Use any of the websites below
  • Copy and paste excerpts of your speech into the window you'll on the right
  • Choose speed, language (English) and avatar
  • Listen and take notes 
Link to imtranslator  (see picture) page:  HERE  
Link to acapellla page: HERE  

Link to natural readers page:  HERE

Thanks to our teacher trainer Mike O'Neill for providing us with the link to  the natural readers page. Course 77 at the British Council Summer 2012.

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Ron Starc said...

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