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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Listen to some sounds and write a story in the the past

Aim: provide students with some prompts to write a story in the past.
Level: students need to know how to use and combine simple past and past continuous.
Some connectors such as "while" or "suddenly" will be handy.
Procedure: download the sounds  (see below) and play them in provided order. You may want to change the order.
There are 4 music audio files  and 3 very short strange sounds.
The music excerpts allow students time to elaborate on their  story. Students need to incorporate their interpretation of the strange sounds in their composition.  Note that the strange sounds are very short and their meaning is not clear. This is just a prompt to get the students to write a story. The order in which they incorporate the sound is not important.

Download the sounds by clicking HERE
There is a total of 7 sounds.

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