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Friday, September 24, 2010

Business card exchange role play

Purpose: students role-play a business card exchange. They learn how to be polite by commenting on the card that is given to them.
Level: students need to know how to say basic sentences about the design or content of a business card. The sentences can be only in the present simple. Students are given model sentences that they can use later when they practice the card exchange.
Examples of model sentences in the exercise: This here is very original! / One colour on each side. I really like the combination/ I really like the logotype!!/ So your company is in Leeds.  Are you from there? /

a) provided PowerPoint to show to the students (provided underneath)
b) teacher’s instructions (provided underneath)
c) projector

Part 1) the teacher uses the overhead projector to show students the provided PowerPoint. Students need to decide if the comment under each business card relates to content or to design.
Then the students need to write their own comment for some provided business cards.
Teachers can preview the PowerPoint on the blog before downloading it.See underneath
Part 2) students create their own cards and role play a business card situation. Students need to add a comment on the content or on the design of the business card they receive. Students can create the business card on paper or use a provided page for designing cards (see teacher’s instructions) 

Click HERE to download both the teacher's instructions and the PowerPoint.
Here you can PREVIEW the Business Card PowerPoint
By María Zabala Peña


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