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Sunday, January 10, 2010

People drawing game in groups of 3

Level: any level but students need to know vocabulary to describe the body and clothes.
Material: a sheet of blank paper per group. If students have colours, the activity is funnier.
Seeing the result of this activity, it is very easy to understand how it works. These are some of the drawings my students made.
Download related documents (vocabulary help for teachers): click HERE
Step 1: Revise vocabulary for clothes and description of clothes (polka dots, ruffles...) and for body parts and their description (long, short, rounded, squared…) Elicit vocabulary according to the level of your students.
See documents above to help you with possible vocabulary.
In order to revise, tell students that you are going to draw a person on the board. You cannot talk and you will only follow clear instructions. If students need a word, write it on the side of the board so that they can reuse it later when they do the exercise on their own.
Step 2: Divide the students into groups of 3
Give each group a sheet of blank paper
Tell the students that they have to fold the paper over twice in such a way that the sheet of paper is divided into 3 parts. At the end of the exercise, on the top part there will be the head, on the middle part there will be a body and arms, on the bottom part there will be the legs and probably the hands (if they are not on the middle part)
Step 3: Two students tell another student in their group to draw the face, hair and neck. When the teacher sees students are finishing, tell them to continue the line of the neck so that it continues on the middle part of the sheet. This way the next group knows where to continue their drawing.
Step 4: Students pass their piece of paper to another group. This group continues drawing from neck to waist. A different student draws. It is important that the student who draws does only if the instructions are clear and in English. Again students continue the line of the waist and arms so that next group of students can continue drawing the bottom part of the body.
Step 5: teacher takes the drawings and shows them to the class. Each student needs to say something he/she likes in each drawing and something he/she does not like.
Idea for this activity: I used to play this game with my sisters and I have adapted it to ESL lessons.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Maria for this funny exercise. I reckon that it is very good when our students are tired because it is easy and at the end everybody laughs when we see the final image.
Paca Roy an English teacher at Lluïsa Cura School Barcelona

Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Ladylike Post. This transmit helped me in my college assignment. Thanks Alot